Once upon a time, there was a seamstress with fairy fingers. 

After having worked for several years in major Parisian couture houses, to dress princesses and stars, she became a mother.

For her little one, she created pretty clothes, comfortable and cozy.

Sandinette is the fruit of this experience, combining luxury with softness and a refined style.  


Who am I ?  


My name is Sandie, and it is only natural that I named my brand with the nickname my parents gave me when I was a child: Sandinette.


Passionate about sewing since I was very young, I create and manufacture soft, comfortable and timeless high-end clothes in fabrics chosen according to my favorites of the moment. Because baby's health and sustainable development are at the center of my project, I choose Oeko-tex and / or GOTS (organic textile certification) quality materials. 

With my experience in luxury, in houses like Chloé, Louis Vuitton, Chanel or Léonard and my know-how, I manufacture by hand, with the same standards in my workshop in Corsica, each item of clothing. The parts are meticulously assembled and the finishes are meticulous.

I manufacture from the micro series to the unique piece!


Sandinette is a registered trademark.






For my shipments I also favor recycled envelopes from a company committed to sustainability:  

Made from recycled plastics, these recycled envelopes give a second life to plastics already in circulation. They have a second tape so the mail can be reused once again, and once they've served their purpose, you can recycle them where soft plastics are accepted!